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Hydroponics Gardening 101 Webinar Recording

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Hydroponics: How to Create Your Own Indoor Garden

 Get instant access to a recorded webinar given by an Almanac editor that demystifies the technique of hydroponic gardening indoors.

Gardening is for everyone; it doesn’t matter if you’re a city mouse or a country mouse.

Growing hydroponically is a great way to create an indoor garden with limited space and a limited budget. Imagine fresh salad, right at your fingertips – year-round!

Access this webinar recording and learn:

  • How to set-up your first hydroponic garden
  • What materials you’ll need—from growing medium to grow lights
  • Which plants do best hydroponically (and which don’t)
  • An overview of necessary nutrients, pH preferences, and water testing
  • The importance of proper lighting
  • How and when to start seeds and transfer seedlings
  • Tips for maintaining a continuous harvest throughout the year
  • Plus: The instructor answers questions during the Q&A

Purchase today and get:

  • Unlimited access to the webinar recording
  • The 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Guide (digital edition)




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