Houseplant Care for Beginners Webinar Recording

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Webinar Recording

Event Occurred November 18, 2021

Stumped by yellow leaves or mysterious creepy crawlies? From Christmas cacti to orchids, all plants have their quirks! In this webinar, learn the ins and outs of taking care of indoor plants from the Almanac’s houseplant expert, Chris Burnett. We’ll cover all the essentials of houseplant care—from watering the right way to beating pests once and for all.
Nip your houseplant problems in the bud and become a houseplant pro!

Attend this webinar to learn all about:

  • Tips and tricks for all aspects of houseplant care—including watering, fertilizing, lighting and more
  • How to identify and prevent common houseplant problems
  • What to do about houseplant pests, like fungus gnats and mealy bugs
  • How to make the perfect houseplant potting mix
  • How to choose the right plants for your living space
  • Audience questions during the interactive Q&A

Accessing the Recording
Immediately upon purchase you will be able to download a PDF with a link to the webinar recording

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