Puzzles & Pleasantries - eBook

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The most original puzzle book in years, with more than 250 mind-boggling puzzles on 96 pages that will put you to the test: rebuses, syncopations, ellipses, charades, riddles, enigmas, conundrums, acrostics, metagrams, anagrams, epigrams, logogriphs, logic puzzles, and much more! Plus: puns, poetry, jokes, and anecdotes from times past. This fantastic book of brain-teasing fun offers more different kinds of puzzles than ever found in one collection.

  • Delivered as PDF download. Save to your computer and print all or one page as needed. 

Love puzzles? These mind-manglers will test a history buff's memory, a trivia lover's skill, a calculating mine's dexterity—and provide hours of entertainment! Perfect for a few lazy minutes or hours curled up on a couch or relaxing on a porch, during a long plane trip, or simply before bedtime.

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