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Moon Shiners Sun-Powered Lid

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Moonbeams in a Mason Jar

Display your favorite treasures with illumination. The design possibilities are endless. Create unique displays of photos, mementos, or found objects. Light up your walkway, driveway, patio, or garden for a special event or every day. Use on a windowsill or shelf as a nightlight. Moon Shiners are metal lids that that contain a solar panel, AAA rechargeable battery, and LED light.

  • Lid Size: 2.75" diameter fits a standard canning jar (jar not included)
  • Color: Antique silver
  • Use indoors or outdoors Automatic switch—comes on when it’s dark ​ 
  • Water resistant (not proof) 
  • Battery included
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Weak light
Written by Cindy on Feb 16th 2018

I find the light in these to be weak, i.e. barely visible in a clear jar, and it is that cool LED type light so it would probably be better in a blue jar. They fit standard size mason jars (NOT widemouth) but some do not fit well. Acceptable purchase at the sale price but I have other solar lights I prefer.

Love these, and so do our
Written by Elssa on May 8th 2017

Love these, and so do our grandkids who take the jars to bed as a beautiful under-the-covers nightlight. I put a couple on the stairway each night as we go to bed, as well.

By "standard lids" do you
Written by Jody Farnsworth on Apr 7th 2017

By "standard lids" do you mean small mouth mason jars? I've been looking for a "large mouth" solar lid. Can't find them.

I notice that only one
Written by Carel on Mar 9th 2017

I notice that only one "reviewer" (B. Johnston)has stated that the lids don't fit standard canning jars perfectly ... but I don't see anyone else mentioning this. Do they fit standard canning jars, or not?

Hello interested in your
Written by Neil Kielty on Dec 11th 2016

Hello interested in your moonshiner lids for craft projects

I purchased one called a
Written by Jodi Raleigh on Sep 1st 2016

I purchased one called a Magic Fairy Jar from a gal. She filled it with iridescent tissue paper that reflects the light. She decorated the outside of the jar with gems and a handle so that you could hang it from a J-hook in the garden. I absolutely love it. It lights up perfectly as long as it gets sunlight during the day. I wish that I could submit a picture so you could see how beautiful it is.

I agree with you-Cynthia
Written by cynthia stewart on Jul 12th 2016

I agree with you-Cynthia stewart

Yep I know what you mean we
Written by Sharon Grama on Apr 14th 2016

Yep I know what you mean we live in the mountains of Western NC.

They will work inside after
Written by PJTiger on Dec 13th 2015

They will work inside after charging solar panel...tho description said it comes with a AAA rechargable battery. My solar stuff with battery works on just battery alone, not sure about this one, you could call. Also...I have *** Full Spectrum *** light bulbs that DO light the charging light on my solar stuff. These are not " sun bulbs "...they Must be full spectrum. A Gro-bulb Might work. I'd call about battery...does it work alone ???

as long as you RECHARGE the
Written by purplestardust101 on Nov 30th 2015

as long as you RECHARGE the solar part IN the sun, they work great...but remember solar means IN the sun! :)

Where I come from "Moon
Written by Barry Smitha on Oct 14th 2015

Where I come from "Moon Shiners" are people, AKA Boot-Legers. lol.

Has anyone used these
Written by Ellen Cox on Sep 28th 2015

Has anyone used these indoors? Will household lighting recharge the batteries? I'm redoing my bathroom in mason jars and dandelions. I want to mount a canning rack filled with eight jars and nightlights, but need to find one that will work inside.

Is there a discount if we buy
Written by Heather Houston on Sep 16th 2015

Is there a discount if we buy in bulk - say ordering 20 of them?

These are awesome...I put two
Written by Joetta Coscia on Sep 8th 2015

These are awesome...I put two on blue jars and one on a green jar, they look so cool....we're making three more to hang on our clothes line poles.

These are great! We filled
Written by Big Al on Jul 31st 2015

These are great! We filled some with marbles and glass beads and use them in the house for accent lighting and nightlights. Recently we bought 15 with a coupon for outside to line a path that goes to our screened in gazebo. Got lots of compliments and a month later of lots of rain and heat they are no worse for the wear.

The color is dependent on the
Written by Shelley Nygaard on May 28th 2015

The color is dependent on the color of jar. Blue jar= blue light. Clear jar= no color.

Will these be available
Written by PJ ROSENBAUM on Jan 1st 2015

Will these be available again? If so, when?

Magical! What a beautiful
Written by Julie Pelletier on Nov 16th 2013

Magical! What a beautiful addition to a holiday table. I love these...I put blue and small gold tree ornaments inside and they are gorgeous. Wish I could add a photo here. Don't forget to reverse the battery inside when they arrive. I thought they weren't working until I read the Directions!!! LOL

Written by NANCY JOHNSON on Nov 10th 2013


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