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The Jeffersonian Rain Gauge

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Inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s innovative mechanical inventions!

The Jeffersonian Rain Gauge is a practical instrument that will also serve as a sophisticated art piece in your favorite outdoor space. This intriguing brass rain gauge is a statement maker. Inspired by Thomas Jefferson's affinity for invention, this unique device uses a float and lever design to measure up to 5" of rain (or sprinkler water) in 1/5" increments. As rain fills the vial of the Jeffersonian Rain Gauge, the red ball rises, causing the steel arm to climb up the 5 inch scale. This gauge will turn into the wind to ensure the most accurate measurement or may be tightened down to fix its location. The brass Jeffersonian Rain Gauge includes a pressure treated wooden stake for ground installation and a hanger bolt for mounting on a deck or other desired location. The Jeffersonian Rain Gauge is crafted from solid brass, glass and stainless steel (glass vial not to be left out in freezing temperatures).

  • Lifetime guarantee! 
  • Large easy-to-read numbers that are visible from a distance!
  • Living finish brass allows product to age with beauty
  • Dimensions: 12 1⁄ 2" wide by 42" tall 
  • Solid brass, stainless, glass and wood construction
  • Unique float and lever rain gauge

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