Garden Guard Scare Owl

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The Garden Guard Owl is more than an attractive decoration! Hung at your window he'll keep birds from flying into the glass. Nailed to a tree or building, or hung from a fence, he'll deter pigeons, squirrels, crows and seagulls. Add a touch of whimsy to your home or garden with these silent guardians. No matter how they are displayed, they will stand as deterrents to many of the pests who share a keen interest in your garden. Made of black powder coated quality steel, these handsome creatures are weather resistant. Move frequently so pests don't get used to its silhouette. 

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Just like my mother-in-law,
Written by Big Al on Jun 10th 2015

Just like my mother-in-law, its mere presence may be enough to drive living creatures away.

HOW does it work? I doubt
Written by Sidney on Sep 13th 2013

HOW does it work? I doubt that pesty garden squirrels would forego my vegetables just because of this unless it makes a sound or hits them with a lazer- I have tried the sonic thing, animals be gone, Chili powder. And NOTHING works!

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