Dishwasher-Safe Bamboo Cutting Board

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Features a laser engraved rooster design!

This handy and handsome cutting board sports a hole in the corner—just like The Old Farmer’s Almanac itself. And also just like the Almanac, this cutting board is very useful.

  • Dishwasher safe!
  • Stores easily with its slender profile
  • Doubles as a serving board

It’s made from super strong bamboo that offers a great feel when chopping. It’s the perfect size for quick jobs, vegetables, cheese, and more!

Size: 13 ½” x 9” x 3/8”

Designed as a utility board in the kitchen to fill a wide variety of kitchen prep needs: cutting for food prep, slicing sandwiches or cheeses or even as a serving board. The vertical grain bamboo construction is lightweight, durable, and knife friendly. When the food prep is done, the board cleans easily in the dishwasher.

Please do not soak your bamboo (or any wood) cutting board. Prolonged submersion in water can open the natural fibers and cause splitting. All wood cutting boards benefit from periodic oil conditioning.

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