Alpaca Fleece OutdoorAdventure Socks

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SIZES Small 7-9 (small women and kids ages 8-12) Medium 9-11 (most women) Large 10-13 (most men) Extra Large 13-15 (men shoe sizes 12+)  * Note: size numbers are sock sizes, not shoe sizes COLOR: Cocoa Brown, Gray, or Black HEIGHT: Over the Calf MATERIALS: Alpaca Fleece, Microfiber, Nylon, Lycra CARE: Machine Washable and Dryable, Turn Inside Out ORIGIN: Made in Pennsylvania by a Hundred Year Old Hosiery Mill WARMTH Alpaca fleece is naturally soft, durable, and warm! Its extreme warmth results from an insulating hollow core similar to a polar bear’s fur. These socks will stay warm even when wet making them perfect for outdoor active fun. FIT Alpaca Outdoor Adventure Socks sit roughly calf to knee high with a comfortable, non restrictive fit. The heels and toes are reinforced and the soft cushion terry loop interior provides cushioned comfort. Alpaca fiber is surprisingly luxurious, breathable, and never itchy. A good choice for feet in boots to Birkenstocks. ALPACA FLEECE vs. SHEEP WOOL Not itchy Warmer Less bulky Hypo-allergenic More water-resistant Odor resistant BREATHABILITY Alpaca fiber naturally repels water and wicks away moisture. When blended with synthetic performance material it “breathes” to keep your feet warm, dry, odor-free, and comfortably supported. ACTIVITIES Hiking Construction / Outdoor Work Hunting Fishing Motorcycling Skiing / Snowboarding Camping Farming  
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My son wears a size 15 shoe.
Written by April Hay on Dec 13th 2016

My son wears a size 15 shoe. Will the XL size socks fit him?

Kinda spendy socks, but I
Written by martha karmann on Dec 2nd 2016

Kinda spendy socks, but I truly love how warm they are.

Thank you for this
Written by Em~Dohv on Nov 10th 2016

Thank you for this information. I surely do not want socks that creep to my toes-very annoying. This is all the info I needed to make a decision.

Are these socks good for a
Written by Keith A Yates on Nov 5th 2016

Are these socks good for a person with diabetes.

These are warm but they creep
Written by RE Almanace on Nov 3rd 2016

These are warm but they creep down my ankles and down to my toes -- not fun when trying to walk. I wear lace up boots and even then this still happens.

The wife loved them. In the
Written by Rick Curran on May 12th 2016

The wife loved them. In the winter she wore them to bed at night and they kept her cold fee toasty.

My dad gave me a pair of
Written by Joe Bomatod on Mar 11th 2016

My dad gave me a pair of alpaca socks for Christmas. He said they were like walking on clouds. Since then I've bought 5 pair. They are the most comfortable pair of socks I've ever owned. I typically don't like heavy socks because they make my feet sweat. NOT THESE! Warm or cold my feet are the perfect temperature while wearing Alpaca socks. I've even worn them to bed on a cold night when I was chilled to the bone....perfect temperature again!

I have always wanted to own
Written by Denise Gersky on Dec 6th 2014

I have always wanted to own Alpaca Socks and now I can at a price that I can afford!

The most confortable and
Written by Richard T. Russo on Dec 18th 2012

The most confortable and warmest socks I have ever owned. Thank You. RTR

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