2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition

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  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
  • 2023 Garden Guide - Print Edition
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The Garden Guide is our annual magazine that longtime gardeners pick up to get ready for the season! It covers all the tips, tricks, and inspiring ideas for the year. You can get lost in the rich articles, photographs, and illustrations across its 128 full-color pages. We often refer to the Garden Guide as a "premium" magazine because it looks like a beautiful coffee table book, even though it's packed with truly useful information!

What’s inside?

Gardening Trends
Lots to see in 2023! We’re growing more than ever—and harvesting healthy food, mood-lifting blooms, and a better life. Expert and professional observations from around the U.S. and Canada.

Friends With Benefits
Companion planting gives new meaning to “community garden.” Fruit, vegetables, and herbs are simply—and noticeably—more resilient and productive when each member supports the next.

The Secret Life of Seeds
What really goes on inside awakening seeds and why you should start your own seedlings indoors.

Plot Plan
Made in the Shade
Plans and shade-loving plants for a light-shade garden and a deep-shade garden.

Is Your Dream House a Greenhouse?
Adding a little structure to your landscape is a great way to extend your growing season and chase away those gray-day blahs.

Garden Inspiration
The Canna Chronicles
Garden Marcus shares his experience with multiplying canna that eventually changed the landscape of his yard and his appreciation of the abundance.

Weather Wisdom
Survival Strategies
How plants manage the shift from winter to spring.

Passionate Gardener
A gardener explains how his family instilled in him a love of gardening that has come to define his life’s journey.

Special Report:
Will Cities Feed the Future?
By midcentury, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in densely populated areas. Experts anticipate that we’ll be growing more food in and around cities, bringing food production closer to where most people live and eat. Here’s what to expect.

The Bartender’s Garden
Raise a toast with the taste and cachet of these 13 homegrown herbs.

Pint-size Produce
Mini-vegetable plants yield proportionally small-scale produce with disproportionately delicious taste.

Go Rare With Flair
Tired of ho-hum houseplants? Set your sights on a few exotics: Climbing Onion, Elkhorn Fern, Little Starfish Flower, Mother of Millions, Orchid Cactus, Polka-dot Begonia, and more.

Houseplants to the Rescue
Breathe deep and easily with one or a few of these houseplants in your home: Bamboo palm, Boston fern, Corn plant, Dwarf date, English Ivy, and rubber plant, among them. Each absorbs potentially harmful chemicals from the air—a good reason to green up.

Splendor in the Grasses
Offering color, form, texture, height, and ease of care, ornamental grasses introduce new dimensions in today’s gardens.

Very Vine Solutions
Upwardly mobile vines conceal with ease, beauty, and utility. Try hops or morning glory to cover a shed; honeysuckle or hyacinth bean to create a privacy screen; jasmine or sweet pea to mask a mailbox; or thornless blackberry or scarlet runner bean to disguise a deer fence.

Disappearing Acts
40 percent of the world’s plants are in danger of extinction. Here’s why, and what you can do to help save them. (US and Canada)

Rejuvenate Mind and Body
With hand-blended remedies using herbs from your garden, with growing tips and remedy recipes.

Cooking Fresh
The 2022 Peach Recipe Contest winners!

Gadgets & Gear for Gardeners

Adapting to Change
Work arounds when life throws up challenges: Easy and fun ideas to aid limited, weak, aging, or otherwise frustrated gardeners enjoy and succeed in gardening differently but better than before.

Almanac Advice
Soil’s Parent Material
Soil’s source ingredients, or genetics, are the backbone of your garden soil. Knowing its profile helps to know what will grow in it.

Xeriscape for Dry Times
Its principles can be applied anywhere—even in areas with abundant rainfall—to create a naturally beautiful environment that requires a minimum of care and little, if any, irrigation.

pH Preferences Chart
Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, and Vegetables

Frost & Growing Seasons Chart

Find useful products for gardeners.

Magazine   |   Printed in the USA   |  128  Pages   |   Size: 8-1/8" × 10-7/8" |  Full-Color Throughout

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