What is The Old Farmer's Almanac Trade Edition?

2023 Classic and Trade Edition Old Farmer's Almanac

What is The Old Farmer's Almanac Trade Edition? Rest assured it's essentially the same Almanac with the yellow cover that you know and love!

The Old Farmer's Almanac Trade Edition

You may see Amazon use the words "Trade" edition, which is a little insider baseball perhaps. This is simply the annual Old Farmer's Almanac paperback which only bookstores carry, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Bottom-line: It's the same Almanac under the cover, delivering the same 288 pages of sheer enjoyment and information! There are just some slight differences, which we'll explain.

The Difference Between the Trade Edition and Classic Paperback

The "Trade" edition has some great extras:

  • A softcover (thicker, glossier cover than our Classic paperback)
  • Bright, white, book-like pages
  • Slightly larger pages than the Classic edition which make it easier to read
  • 32 extra reference pages!
  • No hole (as it's too thick to pre-drill)

This higher-quality softcover book has a retail value of $9.95. Look inside on

The "Classic" edition is our original paperback which sports a hole in the upper-left corner.

Our original edition is sold for $8.95 and available in hardware stores, grocery stores, Walmart, Target, home improvement stores, and wherever books and magazines are sold

That's basically it. We hope that you find this explanation helpful. Wherever you pick up your copy, it will be the same, enduring Almanac that you expect--a calendar of the heavens, a time capsule of the year, and an essential reference that you can consult daily all year round!