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Wind-Powered Decor

Healing Stone Wind Chime 32" - TurquoiseHealing Stone Wind Chime 32" - Turquoise


Odyssey Chime 28" BlackOdyssey Chime 28" Black

Unique design!


Solar Chime 42" - BlueSolar Chime 42" - Blue

Powered by the Sun, it lights up at night!

Echo Double Chime 40" PewterEcho Double Chime 40" Pewter

Two chimes in one for an enchanting melody!


Ship's Bell Wind BellShip's Bell Wind Bell

Choose from 5 different wind catchers

The Old Farmer's Almanac 1792 Wind BellThe Old Farmer's Almanac 1792 Wind Bell

SAVE 30% Almanac exclusive!

Firefighter Memorial Wind BellFirefighter Memorial Wind Bell

Great gift for the fire fighter in your life.

Large Pine Cone Wind ChimeLarge Pine Cone Wind Chime

SAVE 20%



Triple Pine Cone Wind ChimeTriple Pine Cone Wind Chime

SAVE 33%



Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun FaceKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun Face

Features an amazing gleaming finish that actually pulses.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner DragonflyKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Dragonfly

Enjoy the vibrant reflection with each breeze.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner HummingbirdKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Hummingbird

Features a mesmerizing reflection effect.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner OwlKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Owl

Enjoy the vibrant reflection with each breeze.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun & MoonKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun & Moon

Features a mesmerizing reflection effect.

Kinetic Wind Stake - 32" Sun FaceKinetic Wind Stake - 32" Sun Face

Two sets of blades spin in opposite directions! Watch the video.

Rotating Kinetic Stake - 26"  Rustic GearsRotating Kinetic Stake - 26" Rustic Gears

The gears spin in opposite directions creating a mesmerizing effect!

Vertical Kinetic Wind Stake - 31" ButterflyVertical Kinetic Wind Stake - 31" Butterfly

Its heavy duty contruction stands up to wind, sunshine, and rain!

Vertical Kinetic Wind Stake - 32" OrbitVertical Kinetic Wind Stake - 32" Orbit

Extra large kinetic stakes bring dramtic excitement to your garden!

Bear and Fish Wind ChimeBear and Fish Wind Chime



Fluttering Butterfly WindchimeFluttering Butterfly Windchime

SAVE 17%


Hummingbird Trio Wind BellHummingbird Trio Wind Bell



Hummingbird Wind ChimeHummingbird Wind Chime

SAVE 32%



Mister Sun WindchimeMister Sun Windchime

SAVE 17%


Moon Wind ChimeMoon Wind Chime




Pelican Wind ChimePelican Wind Chime

SAVE 32%



Pouncing Cat WindchimePouncing Cat Windchime

SAVE 20%



Swooping Dragonfly WindchimeSwooping Dragonfly Windchime

SAVE 17% Made from cast iron!



Garden Wind Chime - KokopelliGarden Wind Chime - Kokopelli


Hummingbird Garden BellHummingbird Garden Bell



Flower Spinner - BeeFlower Spinner - Bee

Powered by the wind!

Flower Spinner - ButterflyFlower Spinner - Butterfly



Flower Spinner - DragonflyFlower Spinner - Dragonfly