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Vermont Grande View Rain Gauge - Brass

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This decorative easy to read rain gauge helps you conserve water.  It not only collects and measures the amount of rain that has fallen over a given period of time, but also measures the amount of water used when watering your lawn and garden. Measuring in 1/10 inch increments on one side and 1mm increments on the reverse side the curvature of the glass vial magnifies the numerals by 50%. The twisting stake mounts in the ground and can also be post mounted. A metal screen in the collection funnel keeps out unwanted leaves and bugs.

Dimensions:  2" (51mm) diameter - 23" (584mm) tall
Finish: Living Finish Brass
Construction: Solid Brass
Lifetime guarantee!



For more information, view this rain gauge video from the manufacturer.


Item Number: VRG6LFB
Vermont Grande View Rain Gauge - Brass
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Your rating: None Average: 3.8 of 5 (71 votes)
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are these rain gauges freeze proof?

Submitted by

No, they are glass. The have to come during the winter, but on the upside they won't yellow and cloud over like plastic.