The 2023 Old Farmer's Almanac

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  • 2023 Farmers' Almanac Classic Paperback
  • 2023 Farmers' Almanac Hardcover Collector's Edition
  • 2023 Trends by The Old Farmer's Almanac
  • 2023 Long Range Weather Predictions Map
  • Stories on Farmers
  • 2023 Planting by the Moon's Phase
  • Egg Hatching 101 Informational Story
  • 2023 General Weather Forecast
  • Spider Facts and Folklore Story
  • Best Days Chart for 2023
  • Recipe Contest Winners for 2023
  • Sneeze, wheeze, drip, itch, hay fever!
  • Why birds feather their nests.
  • It's About Time - Article on clocks
  • Delicious dishes from Ukrainian Christmas
  • Farmers' Almanac Calendar Page
  • Hockey History Story
  • The 2023 Old Farmer's Almanac
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The 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac

Where You Can Buy The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Welcome, friends, to the 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac! This is where you’ll find the classic paperback, hardcover, and digital editions of America’s #1 Almanac!

Always reliable and entertaining, this handy yellow book is a “true” Almanac—a calendar of the heavens, a time capsule of the year, and an essential reference that reads like a magazine. Always timely, topical, and distinctively “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor,” the Almanac is useful DAILY in all walks of life.

Now in its 231st year, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is STILL the best-selling annual in the United States and Canada, thanks to readers from coast to coast! The longest-running periodical in America (since George Washington was president!), it’s a timeless guide to daily living. With our long-standing commitment to “new, useful, and entertaining matter,” you can count on your new edition to deliver a comprehensive and trustworthy guide to 2023.

What’s Inside the 2023 Almanac

As always, you can count on this year’s edition to contain the fun facts, predictions, and feature items that have made it a cultural icon, including:

  • Timetables for the year’s astronomical events, from full Moons to meteor showers
  • Long-range weather forecasts for every month, week, and day of the year
  • Best Days to do things (from fishing to weaning, from planting to setting eggs)
  • Contests and mind-mangling puzzles
  • Quirky facts, timeless adages and advice, pithy quotes, and profound proverbs!

And much, much more ... including these informative articles:

  • 2023 TRENDS—Facts to ponder and forecasts to watch for. 
  • THE MYTH AND MYSTERY OF MISTLETOE—How kissing under the “dung twig” became a custom, plus the plant’s new esteem as a life saver. 
  • TURN UP THE HEAT!—Tips for growing hot, hotter, and superhot chiles. 
  • WHY BIRDS FEATHER THEIR NESTS—and other secrets of avian abodes. 
  • PICK YOUR PERFECT PERENNIALS—Plants that promise carefree, long-lasting color no matter where you live. 
  • DELICIOUS DISHES FROM A UKRAINIAN CHRISTMAS—Recipes and traditions to make the holidays extra special. 
  • 2022 RECIPE CONTEST WINNERS—Fresh and easy ways to enjoy bananas for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. 
  • FARMING: MAKING A GROW OF IT—U.S. and Canadian farmers share their stories, inspirations, and dreams. 
  • IT’S ABOUT TIME!—Two centuries of timekeeping—and not a minute more. 
  • PROPITIOUS PLANTING DAYS—Traditional techniques for setting seeds. 
  • SNEEZE, WHEEZE, ITCH, DRIP: IT MUST BE HAY FEVER—Settle in for a complete diagnosis of this common affliction that is not a fever and has nothing much to do with hay. 
  • EGG HATCHING 101—For healthy chicks, practice these folk ways on these best days. 
  • MILLET RISING—This “future-smart” food is not just for the birds. 
  • HANGING BY A SILKEN THREAD—Facts and folklore about nature’s web gurus: spiders. 
  • HOW HAPPY IS A CLAM? (AND SO FORTH)—Unequivocal answers to some of life’s most equivocal questions. 
  • THE LITTLE-KNOWN JOURNEY OF WILLIE O’REE—Meet the Canadian who broke the National Hockey League’s color barrier. 
  • FAMILY TREASURES—How to downsize, organize, and safeguard your keepsakes and collections. 
  • ANECDOTES & PLEASANTRIES—Readers share rib-tickling riddles, quips, and fun facts.

As you can see, we’ve packed a lot of stories into one edition! With all of this—plus Calendar Pages; planting, animal gestation, and measuring tables; and too much more to mention—we endeavor not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them.

Are You a Print Reader or a Digital Reader (or Both)?

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is available in different formats to suit different styles of reading, readers on the go, and collectors. Learn more:

  1. Classic Paperback: The original with the hole  and an extra reference guide!
  2. Hardcover: A keepsake with bigger, high-quality pages!
  3. Digital: Access the Almanac dates and information anywhere, anytime—with free shipping!

What is The Old Farmer's Almanac Trade Edition?

For New Readers of This Almanac!

For many loyal readers, the Almanac has been “in the family” for generations. If you’re new to the Almanac, allow us to welcome YOU to the family and answer some frequently asked questions:

What IS an almanac?

An almanac, by its original definition, is a calendar of the heavens. It records and predicts astronomical events (the rising of the Sun, for instance), tides, weather, and other phenomena with respect to time. Loyal readers know that it’s more than a gardening guide or a weather forecast. In recent years, we’ve expanded the Almanac content—but always with an eye on keeping things fun and practical.

What is the oldest almanac still in publication?

It’s this very book! The “Old” Farmer’s Almanac has been continually published since 1792—during George Washington’s first term as president. It’s old, it’s new, it’s vintage, it’s predictive. The world’s first Google? Suffice it to say that The Old Farmer’s Almanac is the oldest almanac (and annual periodical) continuously published—even through wartime, despite a couple close calls!

When does The Old Farmer’s Almanac come out?

The Almanac is an annual reference guide that is available in late August every year.

When was the first Old Farmer’s Almanac published?

The premiere issue of The Farmer’s Almanac was published in 1792 by Robert B. Thomas, a bookseller, schoolteacher, and amateur astronomer living near Boston, Massachusetts. (The word “Old” was added in 1832.) If you look back at archive editions, you’ll see that this small book with its yellowish cover hasn’t changed much. In fact, we’re still guided by Thomas’s very own words: “Our main endeavour is to be useful, with a pleasant degree of humor.”

Who makes The Old Farmer’s Almanac?

Today, this Almanac is produced by Yankee Publishing, an employee-owned company in Dublin, New Hampshire. Only 13 editors have guided The Old Farmer’s Almanac since its founding! All have continued the style established by their predecessors, staying true to hundreds of years of tradition while always striving to appear brand-spanking-new.

Why is there a hole in the Almanac?

Yes, there’s a hole drilled in the top left-hand corner of the paperback Old Farmer’s Almanac. Back in the late 1700s, readers would take use a nail to punch a hole through the Almanac, tying a string around it, and then hanging it up in a handy spot, such as the barn or kitchen, or even the outhouse. Today, we punch a hole at the printers. (Now what happens to all those holes? That’s a hole story for another day.) 

Purchasing Options Explained

Exactly what it sounds like.

This is a convenience for our regular readers. If you choose this option, we will send you the quantity you select automatically every year in August when the new Almanacs and calendars are released. The product cost stays the same each year. Your credit card will be charged automatically in early July (so that we have time to prepare your order) for the publications(s) plus $7.95 in shipping. The subscription will continue unless canceled. If you are dissatisfied with your subscription at any time, for any reason, you may cancel without further obligation, no questions asked. Every year you will be sent an email 30 days prior to your credit card charge asking if you wish to cancel.

Retail Locations for the US and Canada
You can always find a copy of The Old Farmer's Almanac right here, but also we have wonderful retail partners if you prefer to pick up a copy in person. See the full list of retail stores that carry the Almanac.

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Excited for 2023

    I read the Farmer's Almanac every year. 2022 was better than ever. Looking forward to 2023. I hope the ship date is accurate.

  • 5
    I love this book!

    So much to read. The weather info is the best. I read the almanac every year.

  • 5

    I love my Old Farmer's Almanac! I buy one every year. My grandmother taught me how to use the almanac when I was 12. I learned about planting by the moon signs and also when to schedule surgeries and lots of other things. People in town call me or come by for me to look up things for them, they wanted me to teach a class about whet I know.

  • 5

    I was amazed! Now I'm reading it from cover to cover for the second time! It is MORE than useful and has a jolly good degree of humor which we all can use during these ridiculously uncertain times. WELL DONE Old Farmers Almanac!

  • 5

    Ready for 2021! Great resource!

  • 4
    Moon calendar

    So love this calendar! Photographs are beautifully composed. You might enlarge the size of your calendar. You should consider a better quality of paper.

  • 5
    Moon calendar

    Love it!’

  • 5
    Moon calendar

    Love it!’

  • 5
    Old Farmers Almanac 2021

    Great, has lots of interesting reads and forecasts. Lots of fun facts and humor!

  • 5

    I love getting and using the Almanac. For over 40 years I would read it cover to cover. About 10 years ago I started giving it as gifts to my 4 kids.

  • 5
    Farmer's2021 Almanac

    I order two, I received one . I do like the Almanac

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