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Art & Decor

The Rope Co. DoormatsThe Rope Co. Doormats

New colors and larger size!


Hummingbird Metal Wall ArtHummingbird Metal Wall Art


The Old Farmer's Almanac Metal Shop Sign The Old Farmer's Almanac Metal Shop Sign

Made in the USA

North Country Moon Beam Patio AccentNorth Country Moon Beam Patio Accent

Pair it with the Sun Beam for added garden whimsy

North Country Sun Beam Patio AccentNorth Country Sun Beam Patio Accent

3D sun rays add to its appeal


Bee Hose GuardBee Hose Guard


Dragonfly Hose GuardDragonfly Hose Guard


Dragonfly SundialDragonfly Sundial



Hummingbird Hose GuardHummingbird Hose Guard