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Vermont Weather Station (Copper)

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This handsome copper weather station has a thermometer that measures temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius on an easy-to-read scale. The convex glass crystal assures a clear, readable view of the classic numerals. This useful copper weather station also has a hygrometer on the lower half of the dial which indicates percent of relative humidity.

A 3.5 inch long swivel arm and mounting bracket are included for simple installation. The swivel arm allows for convenient placement and window viewing.

The copper weather station is crafted of solid copper with a living finish (over time this product will age gracefully into a nice patina and eventually, a stunning verdigris.) With a German engineered mechanism, the copper weather station enjoys quality construction that is guaranteed for life.

  • Dimensions:  4” (108 mm) diameter
  • Weight:  0.80 lbs (363 grams)
  • Finish: Living Finish Copper
    Construction: Solid Copper


Item Number: TH6LFC
Vermont Weather Station (Copper)
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Your rating: None Average: 3.3 of 5 (96 votes)
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I would likes to buy one vermontt weather station with copper. I know that is ot of stock. Thank you

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It's back in stock!