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The Rope Co. hand-woven marine rope doormats in earth tones are stylish enough for any home or neighborhood. What you’ll love though is that they are virtually indestructible and stand up to heavy traffic areas and bad weather.

  • Trap dirt, mud, snow, and sand
  • Easy to clean, hose off and shake
  • Made of water resistant and breathable materials that won’t mildew
  • UV protection that prevents fading and color bleed. Reversible as well
  • Extremely durable and able to withstand heavy use
  • Popular for homes, camps, businesses, and RVs
  • Handcrafted in the USA by master weavers
  • Size: 21” x 34"

About The Rope Co. 
Located in the heart of the Maine fishing industry, Rope Co. was born out of a third generation family-owned rope factory. Producing the rope that goes into their doormats sets them apart from the competition in quality, value, performance, and style.



Item Number: MARINE-ROPE
Dark Gray & Navy Marine Rope Doormat
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Your rating: None Average: 3.7 of 5 (50 votes)
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Submitted by

Will these mats with stand heavy winds?

Submitted by

YES! I've gotten them for our family--one in Virginia, one for Upstate New York, and one for California. Was in CA when the Santa Anna winds hit...mat just sat!

Submitted by

Yes, they are heavy.

Submitted by

HOw much do they weight? in kg? thank you