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Pine Cones Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow

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Traditionally Given as a Sign of Friendship

This attractive and well made sofa pillow is stuffed with fragrant ground balsam fir from Maine. It weighs a whopping three pounds and the delightful forest smell will last for many, many years. It’s great to use from fall to spring.

Size: 10" x 11"

Proudly made by the Paine Products and Incense Company in Auburn, Maine. Family owned Paine has been crafting fine balsam fir pillows and incense products since 1931.

Item Number: 50429C
Pinecones Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow
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Your rating: None Average: 4.2 of 5 (11 votes)
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I received my pillow and I love the size and fabric/design. However...I could tell right away that my husband was not going to want this in the house -- he's sensitive to some 'scents' that are manmade...I was hoping the balsam would be ONLY a natural scent and not embellished with an oil or spray. Even I, who love the smell of pine...cannot handle being with this pillow for more than a few minutes! I didn't send it back because I decided to use it only when our den gets a 'musty' smell when we have a lot of rain (from our nearby crawlspace) OR to deter the mice in our attached garage!

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OMG!! I just received my pillow, and am blown away by the way my whole living area smells as if a Christmas tree is in the house!! I am giving this as a gift to my 85 yr old mother who LOVES Christmas, and I am not waiting--I want her to enjoy this as a prelude to the holidays!! I will have to order another for myself!!