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The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, Volume 6

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Keep youngsters entertained for hours with fun facts, fascinating stories, and easy (and educational!) projects and activities!

• Ever wonder why we have leap years (page 22)? About the origin of the Easter bunny (page 17)? Or how birthday parties started (page 9)? Bake a cake (pages 12–13) and read all about it!

• Meet some amazing kids: inventors (page 74), discoverers (page 80), and helpers (page 86) who have done unbelievable things for their family, friends, community, and the world!

• Get growing! Plant a bean stalk hideaway (page 57), start an avocado tree (page 55), or raise a salad in a sack of soil (page 65).

• Learn about how your brain works (page 138), about kids who fought in the Civil War (page 158), and fun facts about food grown by farmers (page 66).

• Take a bug tour of your neighborhood (page 92), race wood-block cars (page 164), and know your knots (page 180).

• Plus too much more to mention (which is why we made the book!)

All of the activities and topics in this best-selling and award-winning series are specially selected and developed for kids—and people who are kids at heart!

Ages 8+
Printed in the USA
UPC 071486025153
ISBN 9781571986832



Item Number: KID-ALMANAC
The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, Volume 6 - Cover
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Your rating: None Average: 3.7 of 5 (255 votes)
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Submitted by

Each of our students will be getting volume 6 from our Farm Bureau. I was hoping to use it in my classroom. Is there an activity book out for volume 6?

Submitted by

Is this the most recent version of the Farmer's Almanac for Kids? When was it published/printed?


Submitted by

Yes, this is the most recent. The next edition will be out the middle of 2017.

Submitted by

I bought vol.6 for my granddaughter last Xmas and she loved it. When will vol.7 be available?

Submitted by

September of 2017

Submitted by

I ordered the set of books but it didn't say anything about Book 1. Will it be included? 

Submitted by

Sorry Volume 1 is sold out and there are very few of Voumes 2-5 left.

Submitted by

I would like buy all the 6 books! But now I live in Belgium, do you send me the books here?

Submitted by

An Image that I took appears in this book The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, Volume 6. Is there a way that I can get a copy. Even a digital pdf of the page my image is one would be terrific.

Submitted by

Hi Suzanne! Good to hear from a photographer. We bought your image from AP. We're not sure how to reach you. Please email us with your address here: 
--Your OFA Editors

Submitted by

Please send me information on kids books, offers, etc. Looking for gifts for grand kids. Thank you. Chris Hunter

Submitted by

"The little blue Truck", "mr McGee takes a sick day", Giraffe's can't dance", "on the night you were born", "my love will follow wherever you go", "if you give a mouse a cookie" are all FABULOUS kids books. Mostly for younger kids but easy reads for your 7-8 year old grandkids to read to you and keep as great lessons.
Also, go on the national parks website. There are some cool books about the parks and camping and respecting nature for kids of all ages and the "National parks passport". Just bought 2 for my nephews and my 3 year old LOVES to get stamps in ours when we visit a national park at the information desk in the visitors station. She's planning our next 4 trips from the books we bought there.. Really fun life gift.