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Just Naturals Germ Buster Spray Disinfectant

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The pure, safe and effective way to naturally remove germs from air and surfaces, ridding them of germs, molds and viruses. The lemon and spice oils in our germ-busting spray have natural antiseptic properties.  Use in your home and office, and also while traveling to cleanse and purify stale hotel room air. Safe and effective for battling bed bugs, too!

  • Non-toxic, chemical free, biodegradable.
  • Essential oils are extremely concentrated, so please avoid contact with eye area.
  • Works great on all athletic equipment (smelly tennis shoes, shin pads, skates, helmets, etc.).
  • Use to deodorize and refresh kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, etc.
  • Especially effective to spray in the air during cold and flu season. 

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of highly effective pure essential oils including lemon and cinnamon.

Large Size: 2.5oz.
Made by Just Naturals

Item Number: SKU10
Germ Buster Spray Disinfectant
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Your rating: None Average: 5 of 5 (8 votes)
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This is a gem of a product that does what the description says it does. I use it, with a paper towel square, to lightly wipe down my computer keyboard and mouse, my tv remote control, even my cell phone - not to mention that it disinfects the air with a beautiful blend of essential oils. Wouldn't do without it!