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Just Naturals All-Purpose Cleaner

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Easily wipe away life’s messes, while pure scents uplift and energize you. This non toxic, all-purpose cleaner gently works on appliances, counter tops, granite, walls, tile, linoleum, vinyl and more, while essential oils naturally fight germs and bacteria. 

PURE: This no-rinse, all-purpose cleaner was developed for people with Allergies, Asthma and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).  It is free of alcohol, ammonia, bleach, dye, & synthetic fragrance.

SAFE:  Chemical free solution is ideal for use around children, pets, and individuals with respiratory problems.  Soy-based formula breaks down safely and rapidly making it kind to the environment.  Safe for septic systems.

EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: Just Naturals All-Purpose Cleaner effectively removes soil and residue from any washable surface including walls, granite and glass counter tops, ceramic and porcelain tile, wood & vinyl floors, and more.  

Available scents:

  • Rosemary Mint

Size: 16oz. 

Pre-mixed and ready to use in a handy spray bottle. 

Ingredients: Deionized water, vegetable-based cleansing and sudsing agents, mild surfactants, emulsifiers.



Just Naturals All-Purpose Cleaner
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Your rating: None Average: 4 of 5 (53 votes)
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This all purpose cleaner outperforms anything "mainstream" I've ever used. The essential oils are healthier to breathe in, too. I'm sold on it!