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Herbs Embroidered Balsam Filled Pillow

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Balsam fir pillows are known for their long-lasting scent and are traditionally given as a sign of friendship. Features nice embroidery.

Size: 7" x 9"

Proudly made by the Paine Products and Incense Company in Auburn, Maine. Family owned Paine has been crafting fine balsam fir pillows and incense products since 1931.

Item Number: HS99429
Herbs Embroidered Balsam Filled Pillow
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Thank you :-)

Submitted by

This is a fragrance that I can never get enough of. These pillows are wonderful. I too have allergies to many different kinds of things, and have never had a reaction to these pillows. Not heavy, just the subtle waft of fragrance every once in a while. These are fabulous! How about some solid modern colors, or modern simple prints next year. Maybe red with white polka dots, or solid white, red, or black.

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Thank you for comments. We will be adding new patterns in late January.

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I would like to know how long the pine aroma lasts. Is there any way to refill to keep the fragrance last indefinitely?

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You'll certainly get a few years of great aroma. Many say, many years of good aroma. A few claim a lot longer that. I personally own the Albany style pillow. My experience has been for the first few months it was like having a Christmas tree in the room and then it settled down to a nice subtle smell. If you sit on my couch, you won't smell the dog that just got up to make room for you, you'll smell a pleasant whiff of balsam and I've had my pillow for about 2 years. Some guests will notice the balsam when the enter the room. Every now and again when company is coming over, I'll fluff the pillow to whip up the aroma. The pillows are packed with lots of balsam fir. You'll definitely feel the quality in your hands when you hold one.

Yes the balsam fir can be replaced by someone that can sew. The manufacturer, Paine from Maine, offers replacement bags of fir. We will probably be adding that to our store because the pillows have been so popular.

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I have serious skin problems and am hypersensitive to all sorts of things. Could you tell me please if there is anything @ all besides fir tips in your products, including preservatives of any types?

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply,
K. Totten

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No preservatives. Only sustainably harvested balsam fir tips, except for one pillow that also has dried lavender in it (it has lavender in its name). If you have any reaction at all, we'll gladly issue you a full refund.
~The General Store