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Handcrafted life-size Scare Cat will stand guard over your gardens and berry patches. Pigeons, squirrels and other garden raiders will shy away when they see Scare Cat keeping watch. Mount on a tree, stick in the ground, or nail to a fence! Wood base and rod included. Made in the USA from powder-coated metal for outdoor durability.

Garden Guard Scare Cat
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Your rating: None Average: 3.7 of 5 (42 votes)
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It is working pretty well in my flower bed!

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Does it keep rabbits out and other cats? Does it scare the birds because I wouldn't want to do that.

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It will likely scare most rabbits and birds. To keep it effective, move it every few days so the pests don't get used to it. If you use the rod to mount it the wind will give it a littlle movement too.