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Sounds just like a haunting ocean buoy bell!

These wind bells were created by a former lobsterman to sound like the triple-toned buoy bell in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  Every North Country Wind Bell® is hand shaped from quality steel that is over 60% recycled and will play its haunting melody for many years to come. All steel has a "living finish" and will develop a patina over time. 

Even hung far from the ocean, the bell's response to a gentle breeze carries pleasant reminders of ocean swells and the constant vigil sounded by coastal bells. 

  • Designed to hang outdoors year-round
  • Will not twist, tangle or break
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Wind catchers are black, unless color is indicated
  • Harbor bells measure 10"
  • Overall is size is roughly 17"

​Watch this short video to hear our haunting wind bell 

Item Number: BOOTHBAY
Buoy Wind Catcher
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Your rating: None Average: 4.3 of 5 (60 votes)
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Submitted by

I have a couple of these and love the sound, even
though I'm not a sailor and don't live on the coast.

Submitted by

I just love my wind bell but is there anything i should do to it before hanging it it ..Thanks

Submitted by

Love this wind chime! Only wind chime I've owned that could withstand our windy weather here.

Submitted by

I ordered a North Country bell and am absolutely amazed by the build quality, accuracy of description and friendliness in service. The product is outstanding. I can't emphasize sufficiently how excellent these are.

Submitted by

Thank you for taking the time to write. We love these windbells too! You could leave one outside for 20 years and it will continue to work, sound great, and get better looking with age (just like The Old Farmer).

Submitted by

I bought this as a present for myself few years ago. Love the sound, couldn't be happier with it. My neighbors like it too, a definite +.

Submitted by

When I opened the box, I was WOWED by my new wind bell. It's very heavy and substantial. The sound is great too. As advertised!