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2015 U.S. Long-Range Weather Forecast by Regions

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Since 1792 when George Washington was President, The Old Farmer's Almanac has used a proprietary technique to forecast the general weather for an entire year ahead that is on average 80% accurate! Now you can purchase immediate access to our long-range weather forecasts for all 18 regions of the United States! 

Please note, our long-range weather predictions cover:

  • November 2014 to October 2015
  • Large multistate areas
  • Whether temperature and precipitation will be above or below normal

To find your U.S. long-range weather region, click here to see region map.

Click here for the Canadian forecast.

See a SAMPLE Long Range Weather Forecast.


Farmers and water planning boards regularly use our Long Range Weather Forecasts for planning!

Item Number: 2015-LRWF-PARENT

Note: This digital product is delivered as a PDF file, which may be saved and printed, and requires the free version of Adobe Reader


2015 U.S. Long-Range Weather Forecast by Regions
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