Old Farmer's Almanac Trinket Box

This small, clever box was designed to resemble a footed hope chest. It's great for storing keepsakes, jewelry, and found treasures. It is made entirely out of wood—without any nails, screws, or glue! The bottom is fitted into each side with two mortise and tenon joints. The sides fit together with fine woodworking finger joints. All parts of the box must come together at exactly the same time during assembly. The design is ingenious. Even the hinges are integrated and made of wood. It all stays firmly together without fasteners, because it was cut to extremely tight tolerances with a laser.  The box's lid features an etched copy of an illustration from the Almanac. The image is a wood engraving depicting spring and has been part of our cover since 1851. Size: 4" Wide x 2.75" Deep x 3.25" Tall Finish: Clear  Made in Dublin, New Hampshire, home of The Old Farmer's Almanac

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