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The Old Farmers 2018 Almanac Digital Version
Written by Gregg on Oct 14th 2017

The Old Farmers 2018 Almanac USA Digital version is really neat! It covers a lot of topics and is virtually a compendium of all sorts of information old and new, technical, scientific, folklore-based, even lost skills. I purchased the 2018 USA Digital version for the WEATHER PREDICTIONS in Region 18: Hawaii (Honolulu-Waikiki area only). In the past, the weather folks at Old Farmers apply a unique method in which they predict the entire year. Considering how difficult our local weather forecasters have in predicting weather in Hawaii, Old Farmers is pretty accurate. It's general, but predicatable almost like the olde days. The thing I really like about Old Farmers is; they are very transparent and honest. Regarding weather, they even post how well their weather predictions fared in the past year! I just read a short article they posted on predicting weather with BEAR FAT in a jar! And to be upfront, just so they won't disappoint, they go on to say, they won't comment on how to obtain bear fat! But apparently the man who practiced this craft was apparently had an accuracy rate of over 90% or maybe it was 95%. Anyway, I'm enjoying my Old Farmers 2018 Almanac USA digital version all the way over in Honolulu, Hawaii! Mahalo Old Farmers!

Online Purchase
Written by Margherita P. on Sep 29th 2017

Quick and easy purchase online. I like this Almanac and it is very helpful !!! I invite people to get it !

Canadian online almanac
Written by Bill on Sep 27th 2017

All ads and stats, etc. are US in the CANADIAN version. Time will tell if the weather is accurate but I'm not impressed. So far it was a waste of money and a huge disappointment.

Digital Almanac
Written by Mike Kedziora on Sep 27th 2017

This is a great accessible version of the Old Farmer's Almanac and it works well on my tablet. No issues, just a simple file. The colors are crisp and page turning is made a breeze by the built in digital contents. I can go right to any chapter instantly. And the digital version even has the digital hole in the corner! Thank you Old Farmer's Almanac for a great 21st Century product.

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