The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac - Bookstore Edition

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Our softcover Bookstore Edition is a step up from the classic Almanac. It features 32 extra reference pages, better paper, and a more durable cover. Be advised, there is no hole drilled into the Bookstore Edition. Some say it is too thick to drill. Others claim the hole is unnecessary, because this heftier Almanac would just bend any nail used to hang it. The real reason is—it’s just perfect as is.

* Preferred Subscriber Program Benefits
Each year, your subscription will be renewed automatically unless you cancel service. You’ll receive a reminder notice in July, followed by the Almanac and your free calendar in August delivered right to your door, along with an invoice for the lowest rate in effect. You may cancel anytime.    

Retail Locations for the US and Canada
You can always find a copy of The Old Farmer's Almanac right here, but also we have wonderful retail partners if you prefer to pick up a copy in person. See the full list of retail stores that carry the Almanac.

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Old Farmer’s Almanac
Written by J Allen. Carley on Nov 21st 2017

I was thoroughly delighted with the shipment I received containing the 10 copies of the Almanac. It arrived on time and was packaged so well. I was thrilled that there was a calendar attached to each copy of the book. I have been ordering and reading the Almanac forever. Now my Christmas giving can begin. Thank you again so very much for how you conduct your business...I am so very impressed. Sincerely, J Allen Carley

Written by K M on Sep 5th 2017

I get the Old Farmers Almanac every year. Lots of fun stuff and good information in it.

review of old farmers almanac
Written by juanita malloy on Sep 5th 2017

Love all the astronomy details like the times of sunset and moon rise etc. AND the forecasts for weather, info on when to plant what. Have been using the almanac for many decades and cant imagine being without it.

Always curious - first time
Written by Terry M Ward on Dec 18th 2016

Always curious - first time adventure!

thank you
Written by Tamara Hill on Dec 13th 2016

thank you

Every, Almanac, gardening
Written by Patricia Bower on Dec 13th 2016

Every, Almanac, gardening information, recipes and every other gift and publication, are absolutely wonderful!! Thank you folks, for the time you all have put into the Farmers Almanac to make it a wonderful addition to anyone's home!! I'll be back next year too!!

Keep it in my car! Not only
Written by Raven Dana on Oct 23rd 2016

Keep it in my car! Not only do I read it all year, but I share stories and facts with people I meet. LOVE the Farmers Almanac!

Try your local Cooperative
Written by Patti Newlin on Sep 27th 2016

Try your local Cooperative Extension Service! They have a lot of great gardening calendars. I just printed a 15 page document for planting flowers in the low desert.

Beautiful calendar!
Written by Julie Brobst on Sep 16th 2016

Beautiful calendar!

Excellent information. I have
Written by Shirley Birch on Aug 27th 2016

Excellent information. I have used the Almanac for years.

Love the Farmers Almanac! And
Written by Debbie Bledsoe on Aug 23rd 2016

Love the Farmers Almanac! And the calendars! an't wait to receive my new ones. Debbie Bledsoe, OH

My favorite read.
Written by Harriet M Harding on Aug 22nd 2016

My favorite read.

I'm with you Jeanne. Sad but
Written by AudreyGail on Aug 21st 2016

I'm with you Jeanne. Sad but true. I do good if I can afford it at our stores...Hang in there. Things have to get better :)

sorry, on disability, can't
Written by Suzanne O'Leary on Aug 20th 2016

sorry, on disability, can't afford to write my name, never mind buying the book. I would love to though, I enjoy your book, and you are the most accurate on weather

I've always bought The Old
Written by Leslie K Perkins on Aug 19th 2016

I've always bought The Old Farmer's Almanac. I've found it to be the most accurate in it's predictions. Always informative, and very entertaining.

You can get a digital copy of
Written by Greg West on Aug 18th 2016

You can get a digital copy of the Almanac. I do it every year, has everything the printed copy has.

I depend on the Old Farmers
Written by Ferne Clements on Aug 18th 2016

I depend on the Old Farmers Almanac for weather during the year. Being a gardener I love the information I get.

sorry, on limited income,
Written by jeanne bailey on Aug 15th 2016

sorry, on limited income, must get one from the store instead of the high shipping costs.

Thank you.
Written by Lynn Russ on Aug 6th 2016

Thank you.

It is apparently an anti
Written by Tim Millington on Jul 23rd 2016

It is apparently an anti spam..to make sure u aren't a spam sender I believe it protects u from spam as well

look for gardening calendar
Written by j keith headen on Apr 13th 2016

look for gardening calendar like to no when to plant veg/

My Grandfather started using
Written by DL Nelms on Oct 1st 2015

My Grandfather started using the Almanac in the 1920's when he started gardening. I have been using the Almanac since the 1980's for my own gardening. I rely on it every year. Thanks.

This is my first time to
Written by Connie Arcuri on Aug 20th 2015

This is my first time to order the Almanac. Looking forward to receiving it

Love the Almanac.
Written by Marge Bidwell on Aug 20th 2015

Love the Almanac.

I am ordering this from your
Written by Shirley Cheek on Aug 15th 2015

I am ordering this from your store as I never seem to be able to get one in the grocery store. I am 72 and widowed. My children live in California and Texas and I like to know ahead of time what is going to happen. Thank you very much. Shirley

I'm excited to learn when the
Written by Debbie Riley on Aug 8th 2013

I'm excited to learn when the planting seasons start for our region and the predicted winter weather.

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