Calendar holders, or calendarCalendar holders, or calendar frames, for wall calendars are frames, often made of wood, but sometimes other materials, such as wrought iron, that act just like a picture frame. The wall calendar hangs within the frame, to make it look more finished on the wall. Unfortunately, we do not offer these at this time. You can find them, however, via online, such as on Some publishers, like Lang, make frames trimmed to fit their particular calendars, but you might be able to use them for calendars from other publishers. Just check the sizes of the calendar you wish to frame, using the dimensions given for when the calendar is open. To view some calendar frame options, try searching for "calendar frame" or "calendar holder" on   There are also simpler calendar hangers or hooks that do not frame all sides, but just have a decorative top from which to hang the calendar--for these, you don't have to worry as much about calendar size, although you might want to match the width as closely as possible.