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Maine Warmers Microwave Heating Pad - Dachshund

Dachshund shaped microwave heating pad that doubles as a gentle ice pack. Provides natural hot and cold comfort! Microwave for moist heat therapy to relax stiff muscles, improve circulation and flexibility. Freeze for cold therapy that is warmer and more comfortable than ice or peas. Apply heat to: Warm a bed Relax tight muscles Ease stiffness and pain Help improve circulation Chase away chills from the flu Relieve stiff, muscles from poor sleeping posture Help relieve tension headaches Product Information: Crafted out of soft berber (synthetic, no itchy wool) Holds the heat or cold about one hour Heating time varies, but about 1 1/2 minutes is suggested Filled with whole corn, no added fragrances Washable cover No wires as with electric heating pads Measures about 22" long Weighs roughly 2.75 lbs Conforms to your body Can be reused Made in the USA by Maine Warmers  

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