Lobster Rope Doormats by Custom Cordage

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Doormats that are virtually impervious to wear and water! Step up your curb appeal and welcome guests. These cheerful doormats in bright nautical colors are so nice looking friends and family might think twice before wiping their dirty shoes on them. But it is more than okay if they do. These special mats are hand-woven from new marine rope that will withstand weather, water, and wear, as well as muck and mud because they were constructed to haul lobster pots and fishing nets in one of the toughest environments on the planet—the bottom of the north Atlantic Ocean. Excellent at removing dirt, mud, and grime of all sorts Resistant to wear, water, rot, mold and mildew Easy to clean. Just shake or hose down Virtually indestructible Reversible Stays in place Made in the USA Size: 21" x 33" These original Lobster Rope Doormats are made in Waldoboro, Maine by Custom Cordage, a manufacturer of high strength ropes for commercial fishing, anchor lines, and other intensive applications. Waldoboro was once a major shipping port and famous ship building center. It is remembered as “The Home of the Five-Masted Schooner” and perhaps soon too “The Home of the Lobster Roper Doormat.”    

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Why are they not made from
Written by Cynthia Joan Morrison on Jan 7th 2017

Why are they not made from recycled rope?

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