Garden Guide - Online Edition - Volume 21

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The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Guide features large, full-color pages devoted exclusively to all types of gardening and landscape maintenance, including newest trends, general information, and advice from experts on best methods for growing vegetables, flowers, fruits, lawns, shrubs, and much more.

  • 120 pages  
  • Release Date:  February 15, 2021

Editors Note  

Here at The Old Farmer’s Almanac, where this Garden Guide is produced, we love to garden. Although our staff members have different ages, home lives, and gardening spaces, we do have one common “ground”: growing! If it’s gardening, you name it and we do it. We love getting our hands in the soil (or hydroponic solution!) and talking about it—among ourselves and especially with you.

 This is essentially how the “plot” for every Garden Guide gets designed. For example, casual chats and meetings become the roots of articles about sharing vegetables via Instagram (page 48) and foliage bouquets (page 72). Fresh ideas from talks with gardening organizations, Cooperative Extensions, and folks like you produce stories on vertical planters (page 24) and how to paint in plant colors (page 66).

 We treasure the input received through Almanac.com from thousands of you. For one thing, you want to grow food—lots of food!—so in this edition you’ll find vining veggies (page 62), how to grow grains (page 56), and, of course, tomatoes (page 44). Just think: This is but a fraction of what’s growing within these pages.

 Creating this Garden Guide is indeed like cultivating a garden. Every story starts as the seed of a concept and then gets the care and nurturing needed to develop into tantalizingly good food for thought and action.

 Whether you already love gardening or have never tended a plant in your life, we believe that you’ll learn a lot from the bounty of useful information herein—and we hope that you have fun along the way. For much more, check out Almanac.com/Gardening, where you can also sign up for our free email newsletter full of advice, encouragement, and ideas.

 Thanks again for your ongoing assistance . . . and now, I need to go do some watering! 

–Janice Stillman




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