Diamond Willow Pocket Compass Diamond Willow Pocket Compass Diamond Willow Pocket Compass
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Diamond Willow Pocket Compass


These unique and rustic compasses are handmade from handsome diamond willow wood. No two are ever alike in shape or color! The wood has a deep rich color and varying amounts knots, cracks, rough spots, and amazing grain character.

Our pocket-sized compass makes a perfect gift for kids who like the outdoors. Strap one to your backpack or carry in your pocket for luck, they can take it. The actual compass instrument is made from rugged plastic.

Each compass is handmade in New Hampshire by a local craftsman of carved canes and walking sticks. Before the diamond willow becomes a compass, it is sanded a couple of times and coated with marine-grade polyurethane for a nice shine. Compasses can be tear-shaped, oblong, or round and will have a diameter of roughly 1.5" to 1.7", the thickness will vary from roughly .4" to .7". Again, no two are remotely alike. Each compass will include a brown leather strap. This item is not in retail packaging.  

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