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Chubby Pig Wind Chime

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This pig weighs an impressive 4 pounds! Each substantial body segment is shaped like a bell and measures about 1/4 of an inch thick. The finish is not as glossy as it looks in the first photo. In person the pig has a rough matte and weathered look, which we like.

This pig is so heavy that a lot of wind is needed to move it. The legs move first and make a bell-like ting. In heavier breezes the body segments will also move and clang. It is perfect for a windy spot where a common wind chime might be too loud or constant. Buy this pig for his good looks, not his sound.

  • Dimensions: 9" long (13.5" with hanger) x 4" wide. The diameter of the widest section is 12"
  • Made from CAST IRON

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