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Butterfly Cookie Cutter 5 1/4"

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Includes a cookie and frosting recipe card with Ann's original artwork!

  • Size: 5 1/4"
  • Made in the USA from American-made tin-plated steel
  • Certified food safe 
  • Hand wash, not dishwasher safe

Unlock a world of whimsy and imagination with our Butterfly-Shaped Cookie Cutter! Here's ten reasons why this delightful baking tool deserves a place in your kitchen:

Inspire Creativity: Baking isn't just about making treats; it's about crafting edible art. The butterfly shape adds a touch of enchantment to your cookies, making them not only delicious but visually captivating too.

Perfect for Occasions: Whether it's a birthday party, a baby shower, or a garden-themed gathering, the butterfly-shaped cookies will steal the show. They effortlessly transform into conversation starters and memorable party favors.

Kids' Baking Adventures: Engage your little ones in the joy of baking. The butterfly shape adds an element of excitement, making baking a fun and educational activity that sparks their creativity.

Unique Gifts: Want to gift something special? Butterfly-shaped cookies packaged in a charming box make for personalized and heartwarming gifts that showcase your thoughtfulness.

Decorating Fun: The intricate details of the butterfly shape offer endless opportunities for decorating. Let your artistic side shine as you experiment with various icing techniques and colors.

Therapeutic Baking: Baking is known to be a therapeutic activity. The process of cutting out butterfly shapes and decorating them can be a soothing and enjoyable way to unwind.

Memorable Baking Moments: Baking memories are precious. Imagine the joy on your loved ones' faces as they savor delicious butterfly-shaped cookies – moments like these become cherished memories.

Baking with Purpose: Butterfly-themed cookies can also hold symbolic meaning, making them ideal for charity events, fundraisers, or awareness campaigns.

Versatile Usage: Beyond cookies, this cutter can be used for crafting, creating sandwich shapes, or even shaping pancakes – it's a versatile tool that adds a touch of charm to various culinary adventures.

Quality and Durability: Our butterfly-shaped cookie cutter is crafted with precision using high-quality materials, ensuring sharp edges that effortlessly cut through dough, providing consistent and perfect shapes.

Incorporating the Butterfly-Shaped Cookie Cutter into your baking repertoire isn't just about making cookies – it's about adding a sprinkle of magic and joy to your kitchen, your creations, and the moments you share with others. So, why buy a cookie cutter shaped like a butterfly? Because every bake becomes a little more enchanting with its fluttering presence.

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