2018 Best Days Astrological Timetable - PDF Download


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Best Days for 2018 (Jan-Dec)

This two-page printable Celeste Longacre chart is based on the Moon’s sign and shows the best days each month for certain activities, such as quitting smoking, beginning a diet, cutting hair, having dental care, planting crops, pruning, cutting hay, going camping, destroying pests and weeds, slaughtering livestock, harvesting below ground crops, and much more!


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Best Days
Written by Bess on Mar 11th 2018

Great information, what I have been looking for!

Best Days Astrological Timetable
Written by Donna on Jan 16th 2018

It may seem a bit pricey compared to the entire almanac, but this is well worth the price. I can print off copies to keep handy and easily transfer dates to my calendars. It's nice to have everything for the entire year in the same place and its set up in an easy to follow format. I WISH that they would come up with a chart of "Worst Days" to wean, castrate animals etc, because you can't always make time during busy season to do everything on a certain day. It would be nice to know that a certain day it is best to avoid doing this or that, too.

Review of 2018 dates
Written by dan on Oct 22nd 2017

As of other OFA digital products, this is concise, to the point and informative. The information is presented in table format, which help filter your criteria. Good info at a good price! Recommended.

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