Antique Wood Bobbin Teleidoscope

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Makes a unique and special gift! The outer casing is made from a hardwood bobbin that was used in a New England textile mill for many years. Most re-purposed bobbins are between 50 and 100 years old. Consequently, each teleidoscope is distinctive and has a genuine antique finish that just can't be faked. Inside the bobbin is a tube that fragments whatever is in view. The teleidoscope measures just under 9" in length. Handcrafted in the USA by Milling Around.

What is teleidoscope?
A teleidoscope is similar to kaleidoscope. However with a kaleidoscope, you hold the barrel steady and spin a dial. What you see is sealed inside the kaleidoscope. Typically they are filled with beads, glitter, and paperclips.

With a teleidoscope you point at and see something that is around you through a clear lens. Mirrors inside distort the image. You spin the entire teleidoscope to keep the pattern changing. These is no dial to turn. The best thing about a teleidoscope though, is that the pattern is always different because you can point it at anything.

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