Antique Wood Bobbin Teleidoscope

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Makes a unique and special gift! The outer case is made from a hardwood bobbin that was used in a New England textile mill for many years. Most re-purposed bobbins are between 80 and 100 years old. Consequently, each teleidoscope is distinctive and has a genuine antique patina and wear that just can't be faked. Inside the bobbin is a tube that fragments whatever is in view. The teleidoscope measures just under 9" in length.

  • Handcrafted in Maine

What is teleidoscope?
A teleidoscope is similar to kaleidoscope. However with a kaleidoscope, you hold the barrel steady and spin a dial. What you see is sealed inside the kaleidoscope. Typically they are filled with beads, glitter, and paperclips.

With a teleidoscope you point at and see something that is around you through a clear lens. Mirrors inside distort the image. You spin the entire teleidoscope to keep the pattern changing. These is no dial to turn. The best thing about a teleidoscope though, is that the pattern is always different and changing because you can point it at anything you want

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Does it come with a
Written by Sybil G Hill on Jan 28th 2017

Does it come with a description of what the Kaleidoscope is? About how old the bobbin is, ect? I'm sending it as a gift.

Unique and functional
Written by John Lawlor on Nov 28th 2016

Unique and functional stocking gift! My wife will love it!

I ordered these Kaleidoscopes
Written by Kim S on Nov 21st 2016

I ordered these Kaleidoscopes for my two young granddaughters. I love the outside bobbin and am happy that my granddaughters will have something antique and "one of a kind," yet something that is "new" and pretty. At first, I was a little bit disappointed that the Kaleidoscope didn't change much inside. But then I realized that as you move and turn around and move the Kaleidoscope around, it catches all the colors and patterns of the world around you and the "scenes" inside become so vibrant and changing and colorful! It's wonderful! And so unique! My granddaughters are going to love them! Thank you!!

Is It A Kaleidoscope Or A
Written by Amanda Brownie on Nov 4th 2016

Is It A Kaleidoscope Or A Teleidoscope?? Kaleidoscope's Have The Glass Or Colored Beads And The Teleidoscope Magnifies Or Like Looking Through A Clear Lens ? I Was Hopeing You Could Answer My Question For Me..I Was Enchanted When I Came A Cross This Repurposed Antique... Thank You

Could you provide the links
Written by Becky Van on Oct 4th 2016

Could you provide the links to other wooden bobbin gifts?

I worked in a mill until it
Written by Joan M McLaughlin on Oct 4th 2016

I worked in a mill until it closed in 1999.It was Clifton Yarn Mills in Clifton Heights,Pa. I love this idea.Thanks for the memories.

I ordered one for a Christmas
Written by deejay on Nov 30th 2012

I ordered one for a Christmas gift and decided to get one for myself. What a wonderful "repurpose" idea! I love that it is a true kalidescope...no plastic chips floating around in a tube! I love looking at everything with it!

Charlene, We agree! When you
Written by Almanac Administrator on Oct 15th 2012

Charlene, We agree! When you hold one of these old bobbins you look at the patina and the marks and wonder what it has been up to for the last 50 or 100 years. ~The Almanac.com General Store

I love the old time charm, as
Written by Charlene C. Fleming on Oct 14th 2012

I love the old time charm, as well as the history wooden bobbin's "gift" to us; hummm, the storie's wooden bobbin's could tell, if only, if only.

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