Antique Wood Bobbin Candlestick Set

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Set of 5 candlesticks made from real wood bobbins that served in textile mills for many years. Each hardwood bobbin has a distinctive patina from many years of use. No two bobbins are exactly the same and most will be between 50 to 100 years old. The candlesticks in this set will measure roughly between 7 and 12 inches. Color will vary and no two sets are identical. The metal bases are part of the original bobbins and keep the candlesticks from wanting to tip over. Candles not included.

  • Supplies are limited
  • Handmade in Maine, USA 
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These bobbins are beautiful!
Written by Janet Connolly on Nov 30th 2016

These bobbins are beautiful! I am so glad that I ordered them and they look perfect. The size, the variety, the weight, the condition are all perfect for me and I recommend them. Thank you.

I've been to a couple of old
Written by Kim S on Nov 21st 2016

I've been to a couple of old woolen mills on vacation and even bought a couple of small old bobbins but never knew what to do with them. So I was really excited to buy these real antique bobbin candlesticks to have in my home! They are big and heavy and sturdy, and they are each so unique and different! I love the wood grain on each of them, and I'm excited for my family to see them as the main table decoration this Christmas! They are such a beautiful part of our country's history and I'm proud to have them grace my home!!

HI there, in one of the
Written by Jason Harwin on Jul 6th 2015

HI there, in one of the foto's the middle bobbin is a light wood colour with holes in and silver ends. I'm in search of eight of these, or at least 4, I dont mind paying for 5 or 10 as long as I can get the same ones? Please let me know, thanking you in advance. Kind regards

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