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Almanac Harvest Pickler Kit


Take the worry out of the pickling process by making “quickles” instead. These are quick pickles, also known as refrigerator pickles. By taking your fresh produce and submerging it into a spice-and-vinegar brine, you can turn your harvest into a gourmet side dish or scrumptious any-time-of-day snack that is ready within hours instead of months. The Harvest Pickler Kit gives you step-by-step instructions and all of the spices necessary to turn your bounty into a crowd-pleaser that will have your family and friends begging for more!

Includes the spices to make:

  • Sweet & Spicy Pickled Red Onions
  • Garlic & Dill Pickled Cucumbers
  • Tri-Pepper Pickled Green Beans

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has partnered with Attar Herbs & Spices to bring you these premium-quality handcrafted spice blends. Each kit includes: 6 spice packets, 3 jar labels, 1 wide mouth mason jar, and a recipe card.  

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