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The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Guide 2019 Print Edition

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The Garden Guide, produced by the editors of The Old Farmer’s Almanac with contributions from experts, is colorful, comprehensive, and contemporary—and the preferred resource for many thousands of plant-loving homeowners and avid growers. This beautiful 120-page guide is a collection of creative do-it-yourself ideas, strong voices and visuals, and practical solutions for gardeners of every experience level.

Growing food has become a passion, a pastime, and a social project:

  • Canadian contributor Karen Bertelsen joyfully expounds on the joy of gardening.
  • Root veggies rock! Make room for these underground heroes.
  • Community gardens: how and why more and more people are growing them.
  • Plant your protein: These vegetables and seed crops promise a healthful harvest.

Landscape projects bring pleasure and improve property values; these simple ideas make a big impact:

  • The “Green Effect”: how to create a serene and leafy oasis—and why you should.
  • Weatherproof Warriors: Be prepared for extreme weather with these plants that stand up to wildfire, flood, strong winds, and drought.

Color, foliage, and fragrance are important to gardeners. Here are some ways to enjoy them all:

  • In a cutting garden, you can grow spectacular blooms that beautify your surroundings and make for breathtaking bouquets. Here’s how.
  • Edible flowers—some you may have in your plot or pot—are the new condiment. Canadian contributor Gayla Trail explains how they can add flavor, texture, and vibrancy to meals.

Do-it-yourself projects spur creativity and bring satisfaction. In this issue . . .

  • Make a living herb wreath—a kitchen garden in the round.
  • Can you kusamono? Learn the Japanese art of small-pot planting.
  • Create this patio paradise in less than 2 days!


  • There’s a houseplant for every personality—find yours!
  • Which houseplants help you to breathe more easily? Here are six, for starters.
  • Countertop crops: how to harvest heaps of sprouts and microgreens.
  • How one gardener lives with and cares for 1,600 houseplants.
  • “Light” reading: the best bulbs for indoor growing

AND MUCH MORE in a blend of facts, fun, and folklore unique to Old Farmer’s Almanac publications.



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