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Almanac Anniversary Thermometer

This special thermometer was created to celebrate the Almanac's 225th anniversary. Only 1,792 units are being made. It was designed to resemble a vintage advertising thermometer.  Handmade in the USA from Thick Steel An Old Farmer's Store Exclusive Fahrenheit (120⁰ to -40⁰) and Celsius Scales Mercury Free Measures: 17" Tall x 5" Wide x .5" Deep Weight: About 3/4 lb Screws Not Included Retro Style Design
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noftify when the themometer
Written by claude eubanks on Mar 6th 2017

noftify when the themometer is in stock

Please notify me when they
Written by Gaelen Lehker on Mar 5th 2017

Please notify me when they come back in stock.

could you email me when the
Written by judy mcgann on Feb 19th 2017

could you email me when the thermometer celebrating 225 years is back in stock

Now how cool or hot is
Written by Paul Sherby on Nov 23rd 2016

Now how cool or hot is this!.Just gotta love retro stuff..buy it, buy it, buy it :-)

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