Adirondack Chair Pewter Ornament

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The Adirondack chair was invented by Thomas Lee in 1903. Lee, a Boston blueblood, global adventurer, and early bohemian who spent more time at his family's Lake Champlain summer house in Westport, New York, than his family might have preferred – nailed together the first proto-Adirondack chair. The seat and back were crafted of single wide hemlock planks, which met at an angle designed more for leisure than labor. Lee, of course, invented more than a chair. He invented an icon – something that would come to personify summer.

  • Size: About 1.75" x 1.75"

Danforth Pewter, Handcrafted in the USA Fred and Judi Danforth founded Danforth Pewter in 1975 in Vermont, reviving a family tradition that stretches back to the pewter workshop Thomas Danforth II opened in colonial Connecticut in 1755. The company handcrafts a wide range of pewter giftware and home accessories. Why buy American-made pewter ornaments? When you give pewter, you are creating an heirloom that will adorn your family’s Christmas trees for generations. Unlike what is pumped out of foreign factories, pewter ornaments won’t break and will develop a wonderful warm patina with age. Hold a Danforth pewter ornament in your hand and you will immediately know its quality.  

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