The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac Engagement Calendar

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Appointment and Planning Calendar

Now in its 23rd year! A daily planner full of humor and useful advice, it’s an indispensable tool for managing your life and keeping you organized, with plenty of room for jotting down appointments and notes. This handsome, week-at-a-glance desk calendar contains pages to record important occasions, as well as 2019 and 2020 advance planners, weather proverbs, folklore, fun facts, quotes, and more!

  • Weekly Reminders
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • 2019 and 2020 Advance Planners
  • Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • Page size: 7" x 10"
  • 140 Pages
  • Wire binding lies flat  


4 based on 29 reviews. Leave a Review.
Every home needs one!
Written by Jim M on Jan 22nd 2018

Even though it's just my wife and I at home now, we still seem to have appointment conflicts, forget appointments, or just plain forget to plan. I got this for us to help us communicate better and fight over those things we missed or forgot less often. I love this little planner (not that little actually) with its notes and and factoids. It's just fun to discover each new week. Lots of room for personal notes and appointments. I connected a pencil to it and leave it open on a table in the hallway between the kitchen and the living room. So far, I'm the only one using it, but maybe she's peeking at my notes and reminders. Maybe I'll find one of her notes soon. After all, it's only January!

Engagement calendar
Written by Mary on Dec 16th 2017

Bought it for a gift for a soon to retire husband. Thought he might like a new look for a new era.

Planner Calendar
Written by Alis on Nov 28th 2017

Well made, looking forward to recording the years events. Plenty of room to record daily notes and the added daily tips and information are a plus.

Engagement Calendar
Written by Sharon on Nov 16th 2017

It's the right size. I like it very much

Best Calendar
Written by Cheryl on Sep 30th 2017

I started out buying this for my Mom for a Christmas gift as she loves to write something in it every day, it provides wonderful memories, and now I am buying one for myself to begin memory making. Every year this is beautiful, and has wonderful tidbits and stories included as well. Don't ever hesitate to buy this, you will not be disappointed

Written by Melanie on Jul 29th 2017

I have been buying this engagement calendar for at least 15 years now and would absolutely be lost without it. It keeps my goings-on straight with good old pen and paper, while others fiddle with high-tech contraptions that can 'crash'. I love the layout, the size, and all the interesting tidbits that are included. It lies open and flat in a permanent place on my desk; husband and kids refer to it often, too, to see what's going on each day. Please don't change the format - it's terrific! Thanks for making such a fabulous product!

I love this calendar. It has
Written by Merrychase on Mar 25th 2017

I love this calendar. It has interesting tidbits for every day but more importantly, leaves plenty of room for my daily reminders. I hope to get one every year.

my only request would be to
Written by zrose1 on Jan 24th 2017

my only request would be to include a monthly at a glance page for each month

It would be so awesome if
Written by PatL on Jan 22nd 2017

It would be so awesome if this came in a smaller size; closer to half the size of a sheet of paper. Any chance?

This calendar is
Written by susan shaw on Aug 11th 2016

This calendar is incomparable. I have a huge stack of them from previous years, and they serve as diaries as well as calendars. Through the years I've tried others, and for me, nothing came close. Pema Chodron's is an exception, but I still prefer this.

Do you have a calendar that
Written by Vickie Collins on Aug 4th 2016

Do you have a calendar that is dated to the school year - from July to June

I purchase this Engagement
Written by Lynetta Womack on Jun 20th 2016

I purchase this Engagement Calendar book each year. I am retired, but each morning I take note of the temperature, Wind velocity, humidity, etc. I can go back and see when we received our last rainfall, when we had the hottest day, etc. I also make a note of the day on which we planted an item in our veggie garden and when we gather the first crop of said item. Love this book.

Does any part of the calendar
Written by Margaret L-F on Jun 14th 2016

Does any part of the calendar show the astrological signs that the moon passes through?

I have enjoyed my calendar.
Written by Debbie Benton on Jun 9th 2016

I have enjoyed my calendar. I do however, use it as a working calendar as I am still old school and write everything in it as opposed to using tech stuff. I would like to have the full month beginning each month as well and the hardback is nice and very beautiful but it does make difficult with all I put in my day planner. Also, would you consider a coloring calendar? There are places that may be colored as I have, but would so enjoy all the quotes, quirks along with coloring!! Call me crazy!! Thank you it is most beautiful. :)

I'm going to be 80 years old,
Written by Adelina Alva-Padilla on Jun 5th 2016

I'm going to be 80 years old, Yes I've been using for years the only callender to keep my busy schedule straight blackberry iPhone nope almanac is for me thanks for your great quality and loyalty trough the years keep up the good work!

How about a calendar for
Written by Helen K on Nov 22nd 2015

How about a calendar for leftie's?

This is my favorite
Written by Sharon Glore on Nov 9th 2015

This is my favorite engagement calendar. I love all the helpful information and facts regarding the moon phases and signs that my grandfather followed diligently while he was living and putting out a garden which he did until his final year of life and he was 93 years old then. I loved helping him and your almanac was our reference tool. The engagement calendar reminds me of all the wonderful years we spent gardening. Please keep up the good works.

This is the most user
Written by Rachel Park on Oct 28th 2015

This is the most user friendly desk diary I have ever used, and I have been using it now for years. I lie the idea of a month ahead page at the beginning of each month as suggested by another user. Perhaps it could be a different colour to find easily

I have been using this
Written by Rachel Park on Oct 28th 2015

I have been using this calendar for years . It is the best desk diary I have ever had.

This calendar was even more
Written by d.l.niemiec on Oct 18th 2015

This calendar was even more durable and well made than I expected! I agree with another reviewer the only thing that would be nice is having a 2-page monthly calendar between the weekly pages. Overall, love this product, thanks!

I totally agree with Sandy
Written by Christy Romeo on Sep 19th 2015

I totally agree with Sandy Robbins--a page at the start of each month with the entire month showing is the ONLY thing missing from this otherwise PERFECY calendar/planner! I get one of these every year and would love to see this change made! Thanks to Sandy for suggesting this!

Would you consider in future
Written by Sandy Robbins on Aug 20th 2015

Would you consider in future editions including a page at the start of each month with the entire month showing? I love the weekly layout you have but I also like to have the entire month in front of me for planning purposes.

I love this planner. There is
Written by Beverly McCool on Aug 11th 2015

I love this planner. There is plenty of room for notes and it has a lot of useful information that helps me with my gardening. it is an enjoyable read.

I have really enjoyed my
Written by Lynetta Womack on Jul 30th 2015

I have really enjoyed my engagement calendar. I keep up with weather happenings every day and this is perfect for that. I like the sayings on the pages and the info about a lot of different things of interest.

I have FINALLY found the time
Written by Vicki Pozanc on Apr 12th 2015

I have FINALLY found the time to pursue my preview of your website and I will be choosing Something from your TERRIFIC products!My father, ( R.I.P. Dad!) used the Almanac for EVERYTHING from frying fish to planting our garden! I used to LOVE when he would grab the Almanac because I Knew I was in for some Great ideas and Lores! In fact, I have been searching your site for a book with all Lores in it. Do you have anything like that available? I would purchase it in a heartbeat! I know you receive TONS of mail, but if you have something like what I described, will you PLEASE contact me AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN? Thank you very much for your time and effort! Sincerely, ~ Vicki Pozanc~

Wish I had known about this
Written by Margaret L on Nov 15th 2014

Wish I had known about this calendar BEFORE I bought the one I have now: a PLAIN engagement calendar. I'll be back next year! Maybe sooner...

I like the cover. Who painted
Written by Nita poulson on Oct 29th 2014

I like the cover. Who painted this?

Does it show moon phases? Is
Written by JRHannah on Oct 7th 2014

Does it show moon phases? Is there an inside view available?

like the calendar
Written by larisa isakh on Aug 17th 2014

like the calendar

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