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Katahdin Marine Rope DoormatsKatahdin Marine Rope Doormats

Choose from 7 stylish color combinations!

Moon Shiners Sun Powered LidMoon Shiners Sun Powered Lid

SAVE 50% Display your favorite treasures with illumination.

Old Hancock Dragonfly SuncatcherOld Hancock Dragonfly Suncatcher

No two are exactly alike!

The Original Lobster Rope DoormatThe Original Lobster Rope Doormat

Choose from 13 nautical color combinations!

The Right DoormatThe Right Doormat

Made from reclaimed lobster trap rope. Read the story!

Antique Wood Bobbin Kaleidoscope Antique Wood Bobbin Kaleidoscope

A unique and special gift they will treasure

Balsam Fir 14 oz. Soy Wax CandleBalsam Fir 14 oz. Soy Wax Candle

It smells like a Christmas tree!

Box Sign - At The PlantBox Sign - At The Plant

Gardening is just another day at the plant.

Box Sign - Friends OverlookBox Sign - Friends Overlook

Friends overlook your broken fence and admire your garden.

Box Sign - Garden is a FriendBox Sign - Garden is a Friend



Box Sign - Get TomatoesBox Sign - Get Tomatoes

10" x 3"

Box Sign - Thank a FarmerBox Sign - Thank a Farmer



Box Sign - Wet Our PlantsBox Sign - Wet Our Plants

We are so excited about the garden we wet our plants.

Chalk Sign - Get TomatoesChalk Sign - Get Tomatoes

12" Square

Chalk Sign - Go Into the GardenChalk Sign - Go Into the Garden

Let's go into the garden and listen to the flowers sing!

Chalk Sign - Happy PlaceChalk Sign - Happy Place

16" x 9" The garden is my happy place.

Chalk Sign - Talk DirtChalk Sign - Talk Dirt

6" x 6¾" I love it when you talk dirt to me!

Chalk Sign - Wet Our PlantsChalk Sign - Wet Our Plants

7.50" x 11.375"

Dragonfly Coat HookDragonfly Coat Hook

NEW! Constructed of brass!

Mason Jar Lid - Snowflake LightsMason Jar Lid - Snowflake Lights

Use for centerpieces, holiday displays, mantels, accent lighting and more!

Mason Jar Lid - Star LightsMason Jar Lid - Star Lights

Battery powered with a 4 hour timer!


Old Hancock Birch Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Birch Leaf Suncatcher

Made in the USA

Old Hancock Daffodil Suncatcher (Amber)Old Hancock Daffodil Suncatcher (Amber)

No two are exactly alike!

Old Hancock Daffodil Suncatcher (Green)Old Hancock Daffodil Suncatcher (Green)

No two are exactly alike!

Old Hancock Elm Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Elm Leaf Suncatcher

Brighten a window or a porch.

Old Hancock Hummingbird SuncatcherOld Hancock Hummingbird Suncatcher

Measures a full 3" across.

Old Hancock Magnolia SuncatcherOld Hancock Magnolia Suncatcher

No two are exactly alike!

Old Hancock Maple Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Maple Leaf Suncatcher

Has charm not found in machine made glass.

Old Hancock Songbird SuncatcherOld Hancock Songbird Suncatcher

Buy 3 or 5 different colors & styles for best effect!

Old Hancock Sunflower SuncatcherOld Hancock Sunflower Suncatcher

No two are exactly alike!

Old Hancock Swallow SuncatcherOld Hancock Swallow Suncatcher

No two are exactly alike!

Old Hancock Van Gogh Vase SuncatcherOld Hancock Van Gogh Vase Suncatcher

Made with a centuries old technique!


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