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This full-color, 13-page guide contains hundreds of rose planting and growing tips, plus more than 30 beautiful color photos of favorite roses. It provides you with all the information and techniques needed to plant, grow, and enjoy roses. It includes simple advice and helpful tips from pros.

Item Number: 07RSEDIG

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Rose Guide
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Your rating: None Average: 3.2 of 5 (13 votes)

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I would like to know how to get the book

Submitted by

What causes them NOT to flourish! I'm not having best of luck with my roses..they are planted in all directions... Those facing east are doing best... Those facing north have struggled for 5 yrs!!! Brown leaves, mildew, aphids.... Help!!

Submitted by

What is the name of the rose bush that is mounting and only grows 1-2' tall .How long does it bloom ? Jean

Submitted by

I like to know how to plant Roses
How many ways
Is it by seeds, how?
Is it by piece, how?
Thank you

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Will stink bugs eat roses?

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