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The Old Farmer's Almanac 2014 Digital Edition

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This digitial purchase provides access to all regional editions including the Canadian Edition.

Now you can access the complete contents of The Old Farmer's Almanac online! The 2014 Digital Edition is an exact replica of our Bookstore Edition and includes the Almanac's timeless blend of facts and fun with the most accurate astronomical data under the Sun, plus 32 extra pages of reference material!

It also includes the general weather forecast, seasonal weather maps (in full color!), and detailed long-range forecasts for 18 U.S. weather regions.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Digital Edition offers enhanced features such as:

  • Fast page flipping
  • Zoom for easier reading
  • Search the entire text
  • A clickable Table of Contents that will take you where you want to go
  • Print option for all pages, selected pages, or parts of pages
  • Save an entire issue, or selected pages, to your computer as an Adobe PDF file

As an added bonus with your purchase, you will also receive all regional editions of The Old Farmer's Almanac: Southern, Western and Canada.

Accessing the Digital Almanac

The Digital Almanac is only accessed online through a special website. The address for this website and instructions will be sent in an email titled “Access to your Digital Almanac.” Please be sure to print or save this email and bookmark the website when you first visit.

If you recently purchased the Digital Almanac, here's how you can access it: Log-in using the same user name and password you used when you purchased access. On the VIEW tab, under the heading that says ONLINE DIGITAL PRODUCTS click the link for the Digital Almanac. Note, your Digital Almanac will NOT be available from the Files tab when logged into


Item Number: 09OF14DIG
The Old Farmer's Almanac 2014 Digital Edition
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Your rating: None Average: 4.8 of 5 (4 votes)

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Submitted by

How do you recover the diglet coppy

Submitted by

I have a Kindle Fire. Do I purchase the Almanac through Amazon or

On a side note, I am smacking myself for purchasing (at a brick-and-mortar store) an almanac that was NOT "The Old Farmer's Almanac"!! Oh man, what a disappointment. No almanac compares to yours!

Submitted by

Thank you for contacting us. If you are looking to purchase for your Kindle, you will find it in the Amazon App store.
We couldn't agree more, the other Almanacs don't compare to us! We still have the 2014 in stock, feel free to call 800-877-8924 or order online! As a future side note, always look for our bright yellow cover (with the hole in the upper left hand corner of course)!

Submitted by

Do you have a digital version for the kids edition?

Submitted by

Thanks for your email. At this time, we do not have a digital version for The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids.

Submitted by

I need the Almanac that has planting dates for above, below & transplanting by the month for the entire year?

Submitted by

Yes, this information is in The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac. It doesn't matter which regional edition or format you buy; this is information that we always include!

Submitted by

The email offer stated "Download the 2014 almanac.". Yet the website stated that it was only accessed online. Once at the "special website", can I download it and use it without getting back online?

Submitted by

Hello "willie_2_98", yes you can download a PDF version of the 2014 Almanac. Once you purchase and access it online there is an icon at the top of the page which allows you to save a version as a PDF. This will be stored on your computer and will not require internet access to view. I hope that helps!

Submitted by

I am on the digital viewing page yet there isn't an icon at the top of the page allowing me to download it as a PDF. I don't even see it when accessing the page from my ipad. Usually, if it is downloadable as a PDF on the ipad, it allows you the option of opening it in ibooks. This page doesn't have that option and again, I don't see it from my laptop either the icon you say is there to download as a PDF. I am using Google Chrome as my browser

Submitted by

Hello "buddykarl". Thank you for your comment. For the desktop version...from within your browser the icon is located in the menu, fourth from the right.  

I hope this helps with the desktop!
On the tablet, unfortunately the ability to download a PDF from within a browser on your tablet isn't currently supported. However, you should be able to download the PDF on your desktop then email the document to yourself. Opening the email on your ipad and selecting the document should give you the option to open the PDF in iBooks! Sorry it's so cumbersome but I wanted to provide a solution despite the number of steps required.

Submitted by

Was going to buy it, til a found that I can only access it through the intenet. Not good. I would use it on my nook and I don't have or trust a free wifi connection.

Submitted by

Hello "mike60088", GOOD NEWS the 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac is available for the nook on this Barnes & Nobel page. Thanks for your comment!

Submitted by

This is a nasty concept! What percentage of farmers have high speed Internet? I want a paper "Southern Edition"

Submitted by

Please try to be more open minded! I am a farmer, with vision problems, and without the digital edition would no longer be able to enjoy my Almanac. It isn't like they replaced the good old fashioned edition, just added another version of it to keep up with the times. This is a good thing :)

Submitted by

Dear Brenda, Thank you for sharing your comment about how the digital edition can be useful to those folks who have vision problems. I do find myself using the zoom features more and more often on digital books (and having to buy the next level of "cheaters" a little too frequently than I'd like).  We appreciate your patronage and for enjoying The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Submitted by

Hello "Old is good too", The Old Farmer's Almanac (and it's four editions - including the Southern Edition) is currently available for sale in our store. It is also available in newsstands and bookstores across the nation and Canada on Sept 10, 2013. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed